Trojan Consultants taps into soaring demand from solicitors for its Caspar all-in-one platform for managing the financial and property interests of vulnerable clients

Trojan Consultants, the market specialist in UK financial care software, is seeing a surge in demand from solicitors for its Caspar case, financial and property management solution for vulnerable individuals.

Already relied on by over 80 organisations that advocate for vulnerable clients in the UK, Caspar delivers a complete administration solution to manage those clients’ financial and property affairs.

The software is ideally suited to the complex, long-term work legal teams perform for vulnerable clients – which can include lifelong cases relating to medical negligence at birth.

Uniquely, Caspar has been developed and honed through close collaboration with frontline case-handlers from across England and Wales. Because of this, it is continuously in step with the latest requirements, and provides the most comprehensive, future-proof platform for the management and administration of Court of Protection and appointeeship clients.

Annabelle Vaughan, a Partner with responsibility for Vulnerable People and Court of Protection at Coffin Mew LLP, is enthusiastic about the impact of Caspar in her everyday work.

“It’s a comprehensive system that allows us to keep the vast amount of client information we hold in one place,” she says. “We’ve found it easy to use and the system has made many of our processes far more efficient. From a risk management perspective, having the whole team recording crucial financial information in a uniform way has huge value.”

Eliminating reliance on fragmented records systems and manual processes, the Caspar system captures, tracks and manages all case-related activity all in one place. This reduces the time taken to locate, act and report on the latest information, saving solicitors’ time. Automated financial reconciliation further enhances this efficiency, while reducing the risk of unaccounted-for spending. The Caspar system also enables easy, compliant reporting to the Office of the Public Guardian.

Caspar maintains a clear audit trail of all client-related spending, which is recorded by category, and supports future expenses calculations and budget planning with smart forecasting. This makes it easy to project long-term requirements and potential funding shortfalls – in support of medical negligence claims, for instance.

Key benefits of the software for solicitors representing vulnerable clients include:

  • A complete integrated client record, eliminating the need for spreadsheets, standalone databases and paper file
  • Quick and easy information access for rapid query resolution
  • Speedy, automated financial reconciliation through integration with bank systems
  • Effective risk management and robust compliance and record-keeping
  • More time to spend attending to clients’ needs
  • Compliance with audit and Court of Protection requirements
  • Improved caseload allocation & management

The firmly established market leader among local authorities in England and Wales where it is used extensively to manage vulnerable clients’ finances and property affairs, Caspar’s appeal to the legal market is potentially even greater. Here, cases tend to be more complex and involved, often with extended claim periods. These could span decades where there is a claim for medical negligence.

A typical solicitors’ firm acting for vulnerable client could be looking after a portfolio of 100 clients, and responsible for tens of millions of pounds of client monies, all of which must be accounted for in minute detail.

Commenting on Caspar growing attention from legal representatives, Caspa rAccount Manager, Sarah Mandley, at Trojan Consultants, says,

“Solicitors are very clear about the value of Caspar to the important work they are doing, in potentially saving them a lot of administrative time, reducing risk, and most importantly fulfilling their duties to their clients to the highest level of accuracy and accountability. Caspar is particularly strong in the granularity of its financial management, its intuitive look and feel, and the ability to quickly and effortlessly generate OPG102 client reports.”

Trojan Consultants is attending the Finders Private Client, Court of Protection & Wills & Probate Solicitor event at Westminster’s Central Hall in London from 2pm on Thursday March 7th