Patient MoniesTM is an end-to-end personal banking, accounting and money management system that provides complete, on-demand financial information for those receiving care in the NHS, local community or the private sector.

Patient MoniesTM

Patient Monies allows single and multi-site operations to easily access patient financial information, with a patient-centric approach ensuring that teams can manage finances regardless of the individual’s location.

holding hands

“Trojan Patient Monies enables the Income Team, within the Finance Department, to access the same information as the Patient Finance officers. This really helps with problem solving and giving general advice”

Key Features:

Comprehensive enquiry and reporting

Full admission and discharge history for every individual, providing consistency for repeat admissions and frequently admitted individuals.

Bank statements available on demand

Interest apportionment calculation and personal property register, ensuring compliance with NHS Trust requirements for holding funds and the general responsibility of NHS Trusts to uphold a duty of care to patients under their care.

Current and deposit account options