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CasparLaw is the game-changing solution for deputyship and trust administration

All of which ultimately allows fee-earners to provide a high-quality, personalised service for clients.

CasparLaw is strategically developed to optimise routine processes, releasing resources to deliver a greater volume of deputyship services while maintaining a high level of service quality.

Reduces time per transaction by 60%

To ensure compliance with the SRA Account Rules, the enhanced automated reconciliation process provides a matching mechanism between all expected and actual transactions, with reports providing all the information your Senior Partner or COFA need to approve reconciliations.


ensuring both
team productivity
and the recovery of
chargeable time
are maximised.


Integration with
key third party
systems, such as
IManage, ensuring
working practices.


data analytics,
utilising AI, to
provide insight into
client data and
team information.


Ability to output
key documents
and data for third
parties, making
CasperLaw the
center of the team’s eco-system.

Key Features:

Payments – we process transactions efficiently using:

Financial plans to record regular transactions.

Auditable payment approval process, which is customisable for each site.

Evidence attached to specific transactions, such as invoices
or receipts.

ROI Calculator Coming Soon

Full Client Record including Financial Details:

All client information required to administer a Deputyship or Personal Injury Trust is accessible to the team regardless of location – perfect for virtual working.

Details of all managed bank accounts and financial assets, including valuation history and linked documents.

Forecasting and budgeting, automatically updated with reconciled transactions for real-time visibility.

Fully customisable and reportable transaction headings allowing for OPG, SRA and litigation reporting.


Population of OPG102 OPG report or export of data required for DigiDeps reporting.


SRA Account Rules SRA compliance reports.

Income / Expenditure reports for litigators, with all transactions grouped by user- defined heads of loss for any period of time.

Data & Reporting:

Fully customisable reports, providing access to any data held in system giving users the ability to extract the data they need. Continued development in this area will deliver reports with insight and analysis included.

Key information becomes accessible on demand, aimed at reducing administrative burdens further, and offering increased productivity and operational efficiency.

Insurance functionality:

Auditable approval process allowing senior fee-earners to select the most appropriate policy.

Insurance policies linked to assets recorded within the system, with documents easily visible.

User dashboard provides overview of upcoming or overdue policies to mitigate risk.