Caspar Cloud™ takes centre stage at the Caspar National User Group 2019

This year’s Caspar National User Group – our 4th such meeting to date – was our biggest and best yet. The day-long event, on October 2nd at thestudio conference centre in Birmingham, attracted 120 delegates from 51 of our 84 customers. These spanned a vast cross-section of local authorities, as well as legal professionals in appointee and deputyship roles. It was a fantastically enjoyable day, attended by some truly lovely people – some of whom even hugged me at our evening drinks social!

Caspar Cloud made its debut

With the first sneak peak of our new Caspar Cloud product being demo’d at the event, this User Group meet-up had a particular buzz around it. This was our customers’ first chance to see and feel Caspar Cloud for real.

They were certainly impressed! Caspar Cloud, with its new modern look and feel, and repackaged as an externally-hosted, fully-managed solution, will come to market in April 2020. Developed in response to user requests, the updated system provides all the best-loved capabilities and features of Caspar, in a slicker, more intuitive and user-friendly format. Because it will be delivered via the cloud, it removes the pressure on customers’ own systems too. This will free up their internal resources, and enable us to roll out new improvements more frequently – through a process of continuous innovation. While we’re not expecting our clients to move across to Caspar Cloud overnight, we have devised an orderly plan to migrate all customers to the new, updated product over the next two years, ensuring no one gets left behind.

United by a common cause

One of the best parts of the event, as always, was the opportunity to meet up with old friends, swap notes and discuss our respective experiences of how this market continues to evolve and change. The whole atmosphere was really positive and encouraging, because we all share in the same goal – doing our best for vulnerable clients.

For the first time this year, we featured video vox-pops with user interviews and real-world feedback about Caspar and its impact – links to which can also be found on our web site.

It really was a tremendous event, and I would like to offer once more my heartfelt thanks to everyone who attended on October 2nd. I know we’ll be in touch again long before then but, whatever the next months have in store, we look forward to seeing many of you again at regional meetings that are being planned for next year.

Larry Morgan, Trojan Consultants, November 4th 2019

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