About Us

The Company

Trojan has been helping to protect the assets of vulnerable individuals for 36 years.  As specialists in financial care software, its flagship products CASPAR™ and Trojan Patient Monies™, are market leading client money and case management solutions.

The company believes passionately in safeguarding vulnerable people’s financial interests, via products that empowers local authorities and solicitors looking after their affairs to track and account for every last penny and how it is spent. 

Today Trojan helps 80+ local authorities, 40+ health trusts, solicitors and the private care sector to manage the financial affairs of vulnerable individuals through automated, on-demand client money and case management solutions.

Trojan is part of Astuta, a UK software group with a passion for breathing new life into technology companies through platform modernisation and profitable business. 

Our Mission

To continuously develop world-class financial care software that eases the burden on managing the financial affairs of vulnerable individuals.

The Markets We Serve

We help local authorities, health trusts and solicitors to manage the financial affairs of vulnerable individuals through automated, on-demand client money and case management solutions

More than 80 local councils and 40 NHS Trusts rely on Trojan solutions daily to manage the complex financial affairs of vulnerable individuals and patients.

These organisations have come to rely on our people and their deep expertise and know-how, coupled with our comprehensive, intuitive solutions to meet the exacting 

demands of the deputyship, court of protection, client finance and client money management teams.

Uniquely, we develop our solutions in close collaboration with our customers. This user-led development approach ensures that the solutions evolve in step with regulatory demands and provide the most comprehensive, future proof financial care platforms.

Meet the Team

A great company is built on experience, talent and strong people skills, and Trojan is proud to have not only an impressive team of highly experienced financial care software specialists, but also an enviable team spirit – demonstrated by how long our valued experts have been with the company. 

This highly committed, like-minded group is dedicated to protecting the assets of society’s most vulnerable people.

Help Desk

All Trojan customers have automatic access to our help desk, offering unlimited telephone guidance and advice when needed, manned by our specialist financial care technical support team.


We offer a comprehensive range of class-based, online and on-site training tailored to each customer’s specific needs.


User-led development is core to our business philosophy. We work with our clients to expand our offerings and develop new modules and collaborate on joint programmes.